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A Mother's Love

A Mother's Love

A Mother's Love by stacey-yecats on Polyvore

So, this is what has drawn me away from my blogging.  I am  obsessed with the creative process.  I used to spend hours upon hours in my own world drawing, painting, doodling... creating.   I am finally back at it and am finding myself drawn into my own little world and loving it.   I think I finally know what I want to be when I grow up.... and it all comes back to what I wanted to be growing up... an artist.  This is what I find joy in- outside of my day to day and the joy of my life as wife and mother... this is what I want to do... create.   


One Man's Junk...

... Is another man's treasure....

So, I am currently sitting in my freezing cold garage, trying to stay dry from the rain, selling away my personal collection of "junk".  You know what I am talking about, all that stuff your family has outgrown or tossed aside through the years... the silly gifts that nobody asked for or ever wanted.... furniture that has seen better days...  just random odds and ends you want gone because all it is doing is collecting dust and wasting space...

It amazes me what people will flock to at these things... the dusty sun bleached patio umbrella that really should have been put to the curb years ago.... how about that ratty old rug that your child mistakenly colored on with  her favorite red marker....or better yet, that ancient potato masher your grandmother gave to you when you moved out of your parent's house from the back of her odds and ends drawer that you never ended up using....  Yes, these are just three of the the random items of "junk" that have found their way out of my garage on this wet and windy morning.

Two hours in and I have sold almost $200!  $200 of JUNK.... It just amazes me.  Growing up my family never had garage sales.  My father was a big fan of either putting it to the curb, hand-me-downs, or donating it... it was too much of a hassle to occupy your weekend with the chaos of a garage sale.... which I totally understand... and believed myself until just recently.

I have to say, I have been known to be a treasure hunter myself... finding "finds" in the oddest of places... and adding them to my eclectic mix of belongings.  Hence, the need to get rid of the left overs... the hand-me-downs and discarded treasures of days gone by.  Tastes change, children come along and use your good coffee table as a race track, or your husband beats the heck out of that old recliner and it's gone by way of "Sandord and Son"....  no matter the reason, there will always be a treasure to find...

So,  as I make another sale on this damp morning... my fingers too chilly to continue typing... I would like to ring in the Garage Sale season with a fine howdy-do and good luck to all Treasure Hunters out there... may your hunt be ever fruitful... and if you ARE looking.... my garage door is open for several more hours!


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