It's been a seriously busy day today but I still managed to get a cute craft done!

One fact about me- I love to entertain! Not just put out some cheese and crackers but I love going all out with tapas and pretty little appetizers to nosh on. I have many beautiful plates and servers to add to the effect I want to create for each gathering. I get a huge sense of pride out my efforts...

Well, I had a pair of plates I had gotten from a thrift store (both for $1) that didn't match any of my other plates and a random pair of candle sticks. In all honesty, I think I had an urge to super glue something this afternon! A lightbulb went off in my busy mind and I knew exactly what I was going to do with these random objects... Upcycle them!

So anyways- I super glued a candle stick to the bottom of each plate to create a pedestal for it. Hokas Pokas! New adorable cake plates! They can be used separately or stacked together for a tiered effect. But I thought they were fun and share worthy...


A Creative Solution

So, I found this really cute set of tea cups and saucers...total bargain of a deal (4 sets for $16!)  and I thought they would make really adorable coat hooks for my front hall.  Like I mentioned in yesterday's post I am on a mission to organize! ( you can catch up on Yesterday's Post here ) 

Here's is how I went about creating these new teacup coat hooks!

You have to love Krazy Glue!

I had my fingers crossed this crazy idea would work... seeing as it was being held together with Krazy Glue and a prayer!

But look how cute they turned out!
  And it looks awesome with my brand new bench for the front hall!

I am on my way to gaining control of this chaos for sure... and the house looks cuter and cuter with each project I take on!  Have to love it!


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New Floors!

Demolition is now complete! Let the new floor be laid!!! Goodbye carpets! Goodbye dust! Goodbye vacuum! I am one happy housewife! I just love my handyman!!!


Bringing an Old Chair Back to Life

So, I had an old chair... staring me down.  It was one of those hand me downs that is so comfy cozy but really not in great shape aesthetically speaking... I really wanted to spruce it up but didn't want to put a ton of money into it.  My daughter is getting a room make over and her color scheme is brown and pink.   This would be a perfect chair for this particular project since it is already pink... How do we go about putting some brown in there?  Well, here's how I did it! (please ignore the mess of the playroom around the chair)

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Furnishing with Finds

I know I posted a few days ago about going green by Thrifting.  I thought I would expand on that and do a room by room showing of how easy it is to decorate second hand.  My house is very homey and decorated with a mix of old and new.  However, it is mostly old and filled with hand me downs and second hand finds.  I like it that way- each item has a story to tell and a history behind it.  Not only that, its a whole heck of a lot cheaper than buying it new!  

I got married young, at 24... had a honeymoon baby, built a house, and stopped working to stay at home all within one year's time.  We had to learn to tighten  our belts and live life on a budget.  As a young new wife I wanted to be able to decorate and make my house a home.  That was very difficult to do when buying new... so, I learned how to be a fabulous finds detective.  It isn't as tough as some might think- but it does take a keen eye and some patience.  

You have to go into stores you may have sworn you never would.  Donations Centers and Second Hand stores are great ways to find these items.  Goodwill  has an amazing selection of home furnishings for pennies on the dollar.  And please, don't ever ignore garage sales.  Often times entire neighborhoods will get together and have a huge group sale.  These items are often discounted at the end of the weekend or event and usually just need  a little dusting or furniture polish!  It's important to keep an open mind!

Here is just a room of finds... but they really do MAKE the room...

Hand Me Down Colonial Print- Free
Antique Hand Carved Desk $200... Antique Ladies Chair $15 purchased at an estate sale
Silver Candle Sticks from Goodwill $3 for the pair... Belleek Vase- $15 on ebay
Antique China- Complete Service for 16+ with serving dishes $20 at a garage sale
Part of the China Collection and gifted crystal (inside my antique china cabinet)

It might seem difficult and overwhelming but I do enjoy the hunt of it all.  I will go and search out an idea with an open mind at various stops and shops.  I have to have a connection with everything I buy as I am not a fan of purchases made for functionality alone.  I find if my find speaks to me it makes my house feel even more homey.  

I would love to hear about your finds you have accumulated along the way. How did you stumble upon them, what are they and where did you end up placing them?  I love the story behind furniture and love to hear yours....

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