Being an extremely visual and nosy person, I tend to notice a plethora (That's such a great word) of bizarre and rant worthy things. My everyday outings to such mundane locations as the local gym or mother crazed grocery store offer grand adventures in the world of People Watching. And, of course, with my lack of focus and tendencies towards ADD due to Mom Brain, I can't help but make mental notes and create pointless conversations in my mind about such odd behaviors or encounters. So, instead of keeping this mindless fluff bottled up inside for selfish reasons, I thought I would share it with the world. Because who doesn't need a little humor from an overly observant Stay at Home Mother with nothing better to do than rant and ramble about the nonsense she encounters from day to day? So, sit back and enjoy the ride.... and yes, this stuff actually does happen to me on a regular basis- I am just THAT lucky!